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Maintain the look and feel of your property with insurance claim services from M. Patrick Sauer, your Licensed Public Adjuster and Loss Recovery Expert.


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We advocate, educate, and protect the policyholder from unfair claims practices. We are “The Public’s Adjuster.

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Get the most out of your insurance claims with the help of M. Patrick Sauer, a Licensed Public Adjuster and Loss Recovery Expert in Baltimore, MD. As Public Adjusters, we represent homeowners and help them get what they deserve from their insurance company. We can make the difference between the minimum your insurer may offer and the maximum you’re entitled to. For more than 11 years, M. Patrick Sauer has been helping homeowners protect their biggest investment.

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Residential & Business Claims, Condos, Duplexes, Trailer Parks, Day Cares, Warehouses, Meeting Halls, Bars, Restaurants, Country Clubs, Marinas, Malls, Hotels, Motels, and Boats

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