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House Window

Dear Mr. Sauer,

My family and I are so glad we found you. You and your team of adjusters turned a nightmare into a valuable learning experience. When I was told that my claim wasn’t covered and that if I didn’t fix the damage I would run the risk of being cancelled, I was devasted. Not only did you assure me it was covered. (hail damaged siding) You were able to get the claim re-opened, a new adjuster assigned, a roof and siding expert to write a report, and I was able to get a new siding and a roof! I had no idea the roof was even damaged! Rest assured I will be calling you first next time something happens to my house.


Mark F.

Forest Hill, MD

Business Man Holding Contract

Mr. Patrick,

My mother and I woud like to thank you for coming to our house and reviewing our policy. We had no idea that our company was overcharging us by $1,000 dollars. The expertise you showed by explaining to us what all those endorsements meant, and why we should have a sump pump endorsement, and how mom’s antiques need special riders was most appreciated. In our 25 years with the same company our agent never once took the time to explain to us our policy. Your suggestions about changing companies, not only saved us money, but got us better coverages. Honestly, I can’t wait for a pipe to break or something to happen so I can use you to negotiate the claim….lol. In all seriousness thanks again! When somebody takes the time to explain to you how the insurance process works, saves you money, helps you get a better policy, and charges you nothing to do it is aces in my book.


Ms. Shirl & Val

Woodlawn, MD


My claim was not moving, my adjuster wasn’t calling me back, and my family had been living in a motel for 3 weeks due to a fire in our basement. Pat and his team got the ball rolling immediately. He got us into an extended living hotel with seperate bedrooms and a kitchen. He got us a restoration company. He met on site with the fire adjuster, the contents adjuster, the contractors. He even made a list of all our damaged items. If it wasn’t for Pat and his team, I think I would still be in that motel. If your reading this…hire this man! I had no idea I needed a Public Adjuster, until I tried dealing with the insurance company myself. When he said his license allows him to level the field, I was dismissive at first, now I know different.


Ben S.

Parkville, MD